Awarded DAGM MVTec Dissertation Award 2023

In September, I received the DAGM MVTec dissertation award 2023 for my PhD thesis. DAGM is the German association for pattern recognition and organizes the German Conference on Pattern Recognition (GCPR) which is Germany’s prime conference for computer vision and related research areas. I feel particularly honored by this award since my academic career started with my first paper published as part of the young researcher forum at GCPR 2015 in Aachen.

Each year since 2015, DAGM honors an "outstanding dissertation in the fields of pattern recognition, image processing, machine vision, and machine learning" sponsored by the MVTec Software GmbH. Receiving this DAGM MVTec dissertation award feels particularly rewarding since my academic career started at GCPR 2015 held in Aachen. I had just finished my bachelor thesis in 2014 when my advisors, Bastian Leibe and Alexander Hermans, suggested to submit the results as a sort of to the young researcher forum of GCPR. It so happened that my work was accepted and I attended GCPR to present a poster. This very much motivated me to continue doing research in computer vision which eventually led me to pursue a PhD.
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