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Equipped with a unique set of skills from experience in industry and academia, I want to pursue research in computer vision. Currently, I am writing my master thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems supervised by Dr. Andreas Geiger . I am also looking for challenging PhD programs starting 2017 and always interested in internships in the areas of computer vision and machine learning.



I am a master student at RWTH Aachen University interested in computer vision and machine learning. In my bachelor thesis , advised by Prof. Bastian Leibe , I researched the use of depth information for superpixel segmentation. Some of the results have been published at GCPR 2015 . Afterwards, I spent a semester at the Computational Perception Laboratory at Georgia Tech working in the group of Prof. Essa on video segmentation and intrinsic video. During the last two semesters of my master degree, I had the opportunity to work for Fyusion Inc. on interesting computer vision and machine learning problems. In the summer of 2016, I completed two internships. First at MOBIS in Frankfurt, advised by Dr. Thomas Guthier, as front camera intern working on deep learning for pedestrian detection. Second, at Microsoft in Dublin as software engineering intern in the Office Marketplace Experience team. Currently, I am writing my master thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in the Autonomous Vision Group supervised by Dr. Andreas Geiger .

As big fan of open source, I am eager to share insights and source code. On this blog you will find seminar papers, notes on readings, code snippets as well as short articles. You can find big portions of my projects on GitHub .


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The statement of motivation submitted as part of my application for an exchange semester at Georgia Tech can be found here: PDF . A detailed CV (in german) written for the German Academic Scholarship Foundation is available here: PDF .



Shoot me a mail if you are interested in my work — of course you can also contact me on LinkedIn or Xing .


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After starting at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in January, I am currently writing my master thesis in Dr. Andreas Geiger's Autonomous Vision Group. In my thesis, I am using generative deep models - including different variants of variational auto-encoders - to learn how to complete 3D shapes in an unsupervised fashion. Beneath my thesis, I am also considering different PhD programs. I applied to the International Max Planck Research School on Intelligent Systems as well as the Max Planck ETH School for Learning Systems. In April, I also had the opportunity to visit Prof. Bernt Schiele's department at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken. Interesting times … 02ndMAY2017 , David Stutz
In the beginning of January, I moved to Tübingen to start writing my master thesis advised by Dr. Andreas Geiger at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in the Autonomous Vision Group. Currently, I am getting started with Tensorflow in order to implement new operations for deep learning in 3D. I might share some of my insights regarding Tensorflow in a few articles. Furthermore, I am still thinking about PhD programs in computer vision and autonomous driving starting after my master thesis. 14thJANUARY2017 , David Stutz
In October, I finally came back home. In the three months at Microsoft, I learned so much about software engineering and project management. But what is more, I learned the importance of self-organization and self-reflection in order to steadily \\\\\\\"learn and grow\\\\\\\" - as Microsoft puts it. Now, I am preparing for my master thesis at the Max Planck Institute in Tübingen. This means reading textbooks and papers, taking notes and a bit of brainstorming - check out my reading list. I am also looking for interesting PhD programs starting next year and focussing on computer vision and deep learning for autonomous driving. 02ndDECEMBER2016 , David Stutz
During the last few months, I deepened my knowledge about deep learning and learned about important computer vision applications for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. Furthermore, I got an overview about companies as well as state-of-the-art in driver assistance systems. However, after an amazing internship at MOBIS in Frankfurt, it was time to move on to work for Microsoft in Dublin. In the first few weeks, I learned a lot about good software engineering principles - especially in larger teams and projects - and experienced a great working atmosphere. 14thSEPTEMBER2016 , David Stutz
Before writing my master thesis at the end of this year, I am going to complete two internships - one with Hyundai MOBIS in Frankfurt, Germany and one with Microsoft in Dublin, Ireland. Hyundai MOBIS is a South Korean Tier 1 automotive supplier developing driver assistance systems based on current compute vision research. At Microsoft, I will be working as Software Engineer. 05thAPRIL2016 , David Stutz
This semester - the last semester before writing my master thesis in summer 2016 - there are several interesting lectures offered at RWTH Aachen University: Advanced Machine Learning by Prof. Leibe, Foundations of Data Science by Prof. Grohe, and Variational Methods in Image Processing (german lecture) by Prof. Berkels. Furthermore, Prof. Seidl offers a lab course on Data Mining on Huge Sensor and Social Network Data which includes the participation in a Kaggle competition. Beneath my studies, I am still working as student research assistant at the Computer Vision Group of RWTH Aachen University. 03rdNOVEMBER2015 , David Stutz
After finishing my exams of the summer term at RWTH Aachen University, I am currently preparing a poster for GCPR 2015 - the German Conference on Pattern Recognition. As part of the Young Researcher Forum I will present the results from my bachelor thesis on Superpixel Segmentation using Depth Information. 06thOCTOBER2015 , David Stutz
Back in Aachen, where the summer term already started before I left Georgia Tech, I needed to get my classes fixed right away. Interesting classes this semester include convex optimization, stochastic optimization, mathematical foundations of image processing and advanced data mining algorithms. In addition, I am writing a seminar paper on content-based image retrieval - see my readings for some interesting papers. Finally, I am able to continue my work on superpixels at the Computer Vision Group of RWTH Aachen University. 10thJUNE2015 , David Stutz
After arriving in Atlanta on New Years Day, I am excited about attending Georgia Tech for the next few months. Beneath attending two courses - Statistical Techniques in Robotics by Byron Boots and Probabilistic Graphical Models by James M. Rehg - I am doing research with Irfan Essa and Daniel Castro. Therefore, I am currently busy having a look at different approaches to video segmentation and intrinsic images. 24thJANUARY2015 , David Stutz
After completing my bachelor thesis at RWTH Aachen University, I am currently waiting to be admitted to Georgia Tech for my exchange semester in 2015. Therefore, I am not hearing any lectures at RWTH Aachen University but rather working on some open source projects and reviewing my implementation of SEEDS. In addition, I am taking some courses on Coursera. 27thOCTOBER2014 , David Stutz