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CMSimple Plugins and Themes

This page presents several CMSimple plugins as well as the theme of my (old) personal webpage.

Logo credit: CMSimple XH.

If you are using CMSimple (XH), using some of these plugins and interested in actively maintaining them, please contact me (see GitHub for contact information).

CMSimple News

CMSimple News is a plugin for publishing and managing news. The plugin may also be used to provide blog-like functionality.


  • Create and manage different categories of news.
  • Create drafts and publish news in the future automatically.
  • Create a blog by allowing news entries to have a short and a long description.
  • Full-featured WYSIWYG editor for news.
  • Display news using a newsticker or a newsslider.
  • Display an archive of all entries of one or multiple categories.
  • Apply custom styling by applying CSS.
  • Extensive documentation with examples included in the plugin.

CMSimple Pictures

CMSimple Pictures is a plugin for creating and managing image sliders and galleries.


  • Upload images to create image galleries.
  • Display image galleries using sliders, e.g. using bxSlider, Coinslider or Innerfade.
  • Supports several lightboxes in combination with the above sliders: Shutter Reloaded, PrettyPhoto and jQuery Lightbox.
  • Automatic thumbnail creation.
  • Highly customizable through backend settings and CSS styling.
  • Extensive documentation with examples included in the plugin.

CMSimple Youtube

CMSimple Youtube is a plugin for creating and managing youtube video galleries.


  • Create and manage galleries of youtube videos.
  • Only the ID of the video is needed.
  • Highly customizable through CSS styling.
  • Add title and description to a video.
  • Extensive documentation with examples included in the plugin.

CMSimple BBClone

A CMSimple plugin integrating the PHP based web counter BBClone into CMSimple.


  • Easily integrate BBClone — a light-weight, PHP-based web counter/web analytics software — into any template, automatically and view collected statistics.


A CMSimple theme similar to this WordPress theme can be found on GitHub. Please change both the footer and the header if you use the theme!


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