Subutai Ahmad, Luiz Scheinkman. How Can We Be So Dense? The Benefits of Using Highly Sparse Representations. CoRR abs/1903.11257 (2019).

Ahmad and Scheinkman propose a simple sparse layer in order to improve robustness against random noise. Specifically, considering a general linear network layer, i.e.

$\hat{y}^l = W^l y^{l-1} + b^l$ and $y^l = f(\hat{y}^l$

where $f$ is an activation function, the weights are first initialized using a sparse distribution; then, the activation function (commonly ReLU) is replaced by a top-$k$ ReLU version where only the top-$k$ activations are propagated. In experiments, this is shown to improve robustness against random noise on MNIST.

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