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SERIES»Working with Ubuntu«

Building Tensorflow in an NFS-mounted $HOME, CUDA 8.0 Without Manual Driver Installation

This blog series collects useful insights for working with Ubuntu. In this article, I describe how to avoid building problems when building Tensorflow on an NFS-mounted $HOME directory and how to install CUDA 8.0 without a manual driver installation.

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Inspecting Tensorflow’s Tensors using C++ and Bazel

Currently it is difficult to successfully link C++ projects with Tensorflow. However, to compile and run smaller code snippets based on Tensorflow, it might be convenient to put the code inside the tensorflow code base and compile an individual executable using Bazel.

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SERIES»Working with Ubuntu«

Installing Torch and iTorch, Installing ZeroBrane Studio with Torch Support

In this series, I blog about development and research with Ubuntu. This time: how to install LUA, Torch and iTorch and use Torch from within ZeroBrane Studio.

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