Introductory Talk “Superpixel Segmentation using Depth Information”

As part of my bachelor thesis at RWTH Aachen University, entitled “Superpixel Segmentation using Depth Information”, I prepared an introductory talk to present my work to the whole Computer Vision Group. This article provides the corresponding slides.

Update. LaTeX source of the bachelor thesis and the slides, as well as the code for evaluation is now available on GitHub.

Update. Find my bachelor thesis here: Bachelor Thesis "Superpixel Segmentation Using Depth Information".

When writing a bachelor thesis at the Computer Vision Group at RWTH Aachen University, one is required to prepare an introductory talk. Such a talk serves the purpose to inform the research group about the topic of the bachelor thesis and gives the opportunity to discuss the current state of the thesis.

My bachelor thesis is entitled

"Superpixel Segmentation using Depth Information"

After presenting the proposal of my bachelor thesis in the article Superpixel Segmentation using Depth Information – Bachelor Thesis Proposal, the slides of my introductory talk can be found below.

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Introductory Talk Slides

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