Seminar Paper “iPiano: Inertial Proximal Algorithms for Non-Convex Optimization”

In the course of a seminar on “Selected Topics in Image Processing”, I worked on iPiano, an algorithm for non-convex and non-smooth optimization proposed by Ochs et al. [1]. iPiano combines forward-backward splitting with an inertial force. This article presents the corresponding seminar paper including an implementation in C++ with applications to image denoising, image segmentation and compressed sensing.

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Update. The LaTex sources of the paper and the slides are now available on GitHub.


This paper studies the minimization of non-convex and non-smooth composite functionsIn particular, we discuss the algorithm proposed by Ochs et al. in [1], called iPiano. Following [1], we present a global convergence result for functions satisfying the Kurdyka-Lojasiewicz property [2,3] which is based on the work by Attouch et al. [4]. Furthermore, we discuss the implementation of iPiano and apply the algorithm to image denoising and image segmentation. In contrast to [1], we use simple denoising functionals instead of Fields of Expert [5,6] to demonstrate that simple functionals may benefit from non-smooth and non-convex terms. Finally, we demonstrate the applicability of the algorithm to image segmentation based on a 2-phase fields approximation of the Mumford-Shah functional [7].

Seminar PaperPresentation Slides


iPiano has been implemented in C++ based on Eigen. Applications include image denoising, image segmentation (utilizing OpenCV) and compressed sensing. The implementation is vailable on GitHub:

iPiano on GitHub

Some articles related to the implementation can be found here:


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