Beranger Dumont, Simona Maggio, Pablo Montalvo. Robustness of Rotation-Equivariant Networks to Adversarial Perturbations. CoRR abs/1802.06627 (2018).

Dumont et al. compare different adversarial transformation attacks (including rotations and translations) against common as well as rotation-invariant convolutional neural networks. On MNIST, CIFAR-10 and ImageNet, they consider translations, rotations as well as the attack of [1] based on spatial transformer networks. Additionally, they consider rotation-invariant convolutional neural networks – however, both the attacks and the networks are not discussed/introduced in detail. The results are interesting because translation- and rotation-based attacks are significantly more successful on CIFAR-10 compared to MNIST and ImageNet. The authors, however, do not give a satisfying explanation of this observation.

  • [1] C. Xiao, J.-Y. Zhu, B. Li, W. H, M. Liu, D. Song. Spatially-Transformed Adversarial Examples. ICLR, 2018.
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