Websites and Custom Web Apps

This page presents some of my work on webpages, webshops, custom themes and addons as well as custom web applications. These projects have been realized together with RS Computer as well as various independent web designers and also led to several open source projects.

Websites, Webshops, Addons and Templates

I was involved in realizing more than 10 webpages and 3 webshops for various customers, ranging from freelancers to medium sized companies. These were mostly based on WordPress, Joomla, CMSimple and xtCommerce. This includes development of themes based on designs, customizing or developing addons and plugins, ensuring security and GDPR compliance. Many of these sizes included responsive designs, contact forms, multimedia content, or custom checkout processes. Used tools include PHP, JavaScript, and CSS/HTML as well as frameworks such as Koseven, jQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap. Examples of these projects can be found at the webpage of RS Computer.

Custom Web Apps

Besides webpages and webshops, I also worked on various custom web applications — find a separate page on work scheduling web applications here. Examples include employee portals meant for information exchange or to simplify specific work processes, tools for syncing databases between webshops or importing/exporting data to/from various databases (for example, from CSV or Excel files). Moreover, I worked on several complex contact forms that require more involved validation. In all of these projects, especially when working with large databases, efficiency, security and user feedback are very important. Tools used include PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and CSS/HTML as well as frameworks such as Koseven, jQuery, or Twitter Bootstrap. An example of an employee portal is shown below:

Open Source

My work on webpages resulted in various open source projects:

Working with Kohana and Twitter Bootstrap also results in the following projects: