Twitter Bootstrap Plugins

This page presents a set of JavaScript, jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap plugins.

Logo credits: Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript.

If you are using Bootstrap Multiselect and interested in actively maintaining the project, please contact me (see GitHub for contact information).

Bootstrap Multiselect

Bootstrap Multiselect is a Twitter Bootstrap plugin providing an intuitive user interface for selects.


  • Supports ordinary selects and those allowing multiple selections.
  • Naturally supports optgroup's.
  • Use the filter and the "Select All" option for large selects.
  • Highly customizable through 32+ configuration options and templates.
  • Thorough documentation with 66+ examples and FAQ.

The documentation includes several examples and a FAQ. In addition, there is a very active community always able to help.


Bootstrap Strength Meter

Bootstrap Strength Meter is a Twitter Bootstrap plugin visualizing the password strength using the Password Score library. There are several different ways of visualization available.


Password Score

Password Score is a JavaScript library designed to give a realistic estimate of the strength of a password where password strength is expressed in themeansof entropy. In order to encourage users to enter strong passwords, Password Score may rely on several data sources, as for example dictionaries or keyboard layouts, to prevent passwords as qwerty or test. Try out the demonstration of the library to check the strength of your password!


jQuery Pseudocode

jQuery Pseudocode is a lightweight plugin to typeset algorithms in pseudocode similar to several LaTeX packages. Beneath in the documentation, further examples canbe found in my Articles or Readings.


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