Torch Examples, Guides and Resources

This page presents a repository including beginner-friendly as well as advanced Torch examples, a template for implementing custom Torch modules in C/CUDA and multiple variants of variational auto-encoders as well as an implementation of PointNet. The code is accompanies by a series of blog articles:

Torch Examples

This part of the repository includes examples for getting started with Torch, ranging from training simple auto-encoders, to fine-tuning, handling weight initialization and saving/loading models:

Torch Examples on GitHub

Custom Torch Modules

Torch can easily be extended using custom modules implemented in C/CUDA. This part of the repository includes a simple example and template for implementing custom modules:

C/CUDA Torch Module Template on GitHub

Variational Auto-Encoders

This part of the repository includes implementations of variational auto-encoders (VAEs) [1], denoising VAEs [2] and categorical/Bernoulli VAEs [3,4]:

C/CUDA Torch Module Template on GitHub


This part includes an implementation of PointNet, inspired by [5,6]:

C/CUDA Torch Module Template on GitHub

Volumetric Nearest Neighbor Upsampling

A torch module for volumetric nearest neighbor upsampling for 3D neural networks:

Volumetric NN Upsampling on GitHub
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