Employee and Work Scheduling Web Applications

This page presents some commercial web applications realized with RS Computer for small businesses. These mostly address the problem of scheduling appointments and work items across multiple employees while keeping track of customers and working time. Part of this work is available on GitHub.


The projects presented on this page have been realized with RS Computer.

Scheduling customer appointments and work items across employees is a common problem every company faces. However, this is particularly challenging for small business that have too many employees to organize work items manually while being too small to warrant expensive enterprise solutions from big consultancies. Moreover, requirements and constraints for scheduling software can vary significantly across industry and company. This is also due to varying regulation across industries. For example, many craft businesses deal with multiple construction sites, assigning several employees to each construction site one day at a time. At the same time, they need to co-ordinate machinery and equipment. Other companies deal with multiple shorter customer appointments and less heavy machinery, but need to bill customers per hour such that keeping track of working time is a significant bottle neck. However, there are also commonalities: most companies need to keep track of holidays, customers, employee leave (sick leave, vacation, training, etc.). Nevertheless, due to this variability, one-size-fits-all software is usually not appropriate and customizable enterprise solutions are too expensive. Thus, many small business still oeprate without scheduling software, resorting to pen and paper planning. Together with RS Computer, I developed several web applications to solve this problem. These applications are currently deployed in several business, across various industries. Below, I want to give a short overview of these applications.


As shown in the slider above as well as in Figure 1, such applications have a central calendar that shows work items and customer appointments by employee. This is often done in a weekly view, but some companies also rely on daily or even monthly views. Finished work is highlighted in green, specific time-constrains highlighted in red and employee leave may, for example, be highlighted in blue for training days. Each work items is assigned to a customer and employees can track time and edit descriptions to add documentation or indicate used material. All work items and customers are fully searchable.

Figure 1 (click to enlarge): Examples of key components of the application.

Details and Features

  • Built with PHP 7+, MySQL/MariaDB, Koseven, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Secure web login for administrators and users
  • Responsive design on mobile version
  • Day, week and monthly calendar views for all employees
  • Printable calendar views
  • Customizable vacation and entry types
  • Detailed analysis of billable working hours
  • Printable internal and external reports for bills
  • Customer management
  • Customer import from CSV
  • Import holidays from ICAL
  • Fine-grained user access management
  • Full logging

Open Source

The work resulted in several Koseven and Twitter Bootstrap addons/plugins that are publicly available on GitHub: