Rajeev Ranjan, Swami Sankaranarayanan, Carlos D. Castillo, Rama Chellappa. Improving Network Robustness against Adversarial Attacks with Compact Convolution. CoRR abs/1712.00699 (2017).

Ranjan et al. propose to constrain deep features to lie on hyperspheres in order to improve robustness against adversarial examples. For the last fully-connected layer, this is achieved by the L2-softmax, which forces the features to lie on the hypersphere. For intermediate convolutional or fully-connected layer, the same effect is achieved analogously, i.e., by normalizing inputs, scaling them and applying the convolution/weight multiplication. In experiments, the authors argue that this improves robustness against simple attacks such as FGSM and DeepFool.

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