Yinzhi Cao, Alexander Fangxiao Yu, Andrew Aday, Eric Stahl, Jon Merwine, Junfeng Yang. Efficient Repair of Polluted Machine Learning Systems via Causal Unlearning. AsiaCCS, 2018.

Cao et al. propose KARMA, a method to defend against data poisening in an online learning system where training examples are obtained through crowdsourcing. The setting, however, is somewhat constrained and can be described as human-in-the-loop. In particular, there is the system, which is maintained by an administrator, and there are users – among them there might be users with malicious intents, i.e. attackers. KARMA consists of two steps: identifying (possibly polluted) training examples that cause mis-classification of samples within a small oracle set; and then correcting these problems by removing clusters of polluted samples.

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