Jeremy M. Cohen, Elan Rosenfeld, J. Zico Kolter. Certified Adversarial Robustness via Randomized Smoothing. ICML 2019.

Cohen et al. study robustness bounds of randomized smoothing, a region-based classification scheme where the prediction is averaged over Gaussian samples around the test input. Specifically, given a test input, the predicted class is the class whose decision region has the largest overlap with a normal distribution of pre-defined variance. The intuition of this approach is that, for small perturbations, the decision regions of classes can’t vary too much. In practice, randomized smoothing is applied using samples. In the paper, Cohen et al. show that this approach conveys robustness against radii R depending on the confidence difference between the actual class and the “runner-up” class. In practice, the radii also depend on the number of samples used.

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