Xiaoyong Yuan, Pan He, Qile Zhu, Rajendra Rana Bhat, Xiaolin Li. Adversarial Examples: Attacks and Defenses for Deep Learning. CoRR abs/1712.07107, 2017.

Yuan et al. present a comprehensive survey of attacks, defenses and studies regarding the robustness and security of deep neural networks. Published on ArXiv in December 2017, it includes most recent attacks and defenses. For examples, Table 1 lists all known attacks – Yuan et al. categorize the attacks according to the level of knowledge needed, targeted or non-targeted, the optimization needed (e.g. iterative) as well as the perturbation measure employed. As a result, Table 1 gives a solid overview of state-of-the-art attacks. Similarly, Table 2 gives an overview of applications reported so far. Only for defenses, a nice overview table is missing. Still, the authors discuss (as of my knowledge) all relevant defense strategies and comment on their performance reported in the literature.

Table 1: An overview of state-of-the-art attacks on deep neural networks.

Table 2: An overview of application sof some of the attacks in Table 1.

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