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SERIES»Working with Ubuntu«

Monitoring GPU Usage, CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES Issues and HDF5 for Torch

This series collects every-day problems when doing research and development with Ubuntu; this time: comfortably monitoring GPU usage, clarifying issues with CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES and HDF5 for Torch.

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Examples for Getting Started with Torch for Deep Learning

This article is a collection of Torch examples meant as introduction to get started with Lua and Torch for deep learning research. The examples can also be considered individually and cover common use cases such as training on CPU and GPU, weight initialization and visualization, custom modules and criteria as well as saving and fine-tuning models.

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SERIES»Working with Ubuntu«

Installing Torch and iTorch, Installing ZeroBrane Studio with Torch Support

In this series, I blog about development and research with Ubuntu. This time: how to install LUA, Torch and iTorch and use Torch from within ZeroBrane Studio.

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