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Why Donate?

Over the course of the last two years, I have been pretty busy; I spent a semester abroad, completed two internships, worked as a freelance web developer and — beneath all this working — finished my master degree. While I had little time working on the blog as well as my open-source projects. I still intend to actively maintain these projects. However, time is scarce and motivation hard to come by.

If you are able to use my projects commercially, for example in a product or service, or they helped you advance your career this is great — I truly believe that sharing source code and knowledge will make the world a better place. However, please consider making a small donation to support my work. For example, ask yourself how much time you saved by using my projects and resources and donate an amount that you find appropriate for the saved time.

Feel free to include a comment in your donation. You can also leave a name or a webpage to be included in the below list — let me know if you want to remain anonymous.

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